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Are your stamps legal postage? 

No. All stamps from The Portland Stamp Company are decorative, and have no monetary postal value. 


Do you sell your products wholesale?

Yes. We sell a number of our products wholesale. Details can be found here.


I bought from your retail shop on, and I have questions about my order.

If you have questions about your order status for any orders placed through, please don’t hesitate to email them directly at If you received an incorrect or damaged item and ordered via BuyOlympia, they will promptly send you the correct item or issue a refund. Full details can be found on their Exchanges & Returns page.


rubber stamps

How do I care for my wooden handle Rubber stamp?

– Clean the base gently with water, baby wipes are okay
– Do not use alcohol
– Keep out of direct sunlight
– Stamp more mail!




How do I use your blank perforated Lick & Stick sheets? 

Our blank sheets work in all printers that we have tried and can be drawn on directly.

Download the appropriate template from our website to match the sheet you have. The download will come in three formats, AI / EPS / PDF. The templates are not for printing, they are for accurately referencing the position of the perforation lines on your blank sheets.

Typically, folks will use the templates within other applications. For example, if you are working in Photoshop, you can add the template as a guide layer within your Photoshop file and turn it off when you print.

All templates and blank sheets are 8.5 x 11” — when you set up your file, you should set it up to that size. Failure to do that may result in registration errors when printing. 

If you are working in Illustrator, our templates can be opened there and all guide layers will be visible. Put your art on a blank layer labeled for “artwork” and be sure turn off the guides when printing. It’s best to leave 2mm of safety next to where the perforation dots fall (unless you plan to print across the perforation). 

When you print, be sure you have your printer dialogue box set to output at 100% of size (as opposed to “scale to fit” or addition of a border).  

Make certain you have the gummed-side down! If you have a question on which side is gummed, wet a fingertip and touch a small spot on the corner of the sheet.


What types of printers can I use for your blank perforated sheets? 

Our blank sheets are compatible with a variety of printing techniques or can be drawn on directly. Laser printers, ink jet printers, risograph, letterpress, silkscreen, typewriters, & rubber stamps all are compatible.


I’m printing on your blank perforated sheets, is there an ICC profile? 

No, our dry gum lick and stick paper does not have an ICC profile. Please set your printer to match what you would use for standard uncoated laser paper.


Can I purchase blank stock without perforations?

Yes! We sell our moisture activated dry gum backed stock for .32¢ per sheet + shipping. Minimum quantity is 50 sheets. Bulk pricing of .30¢ per sheet starts at 500 sheets. Please email us to place an order. Include the quantity you would like and your shipping address.




Is shipping free? 

It depends )) Domestic shipping on all custom stamp orders is free. The prices you see on our calculator include free standard USPS domestic shipping. For international orders, shipping is additional. If you require expedited shipping, that is an additional cost.


Can you calculate shipping charges in advance of my order? 

Yes, we can calculate the cost on international custom stamp orders for you. Please drop us an email with your shipping address and the size and quantity of stamp sheets you would like to order.

All of our individual products are sold and fulfilled through Buy Olympia, To calculate shipping charges, simply add the products you are interested in to your cart, then enter your shipping information and you will see the costs prior to checking out.




I ordered from you in the past, can you reprint my file? 

Yes. We archive digital files for all printed jobs. 


What is the turnaround time for custom stamps?

Our normal turnaround time is 10-14 days. Turnaround will depend on the complexity of the job and how busy the shop is at the moment of your order.


Can I get my stamps even faster? 

Yes, we offer a rush option. We will move you to the front of the line for an increase of +50% on your order.


Can you provide a physical color proof before I run my custom stamp job? 

Yes. Color proofs are available on job stock for digital printing at the cost of $20 + shipping. These proofs are not perforated. Proofs can be printed with perforation indication marks or without.

We can also make a perforated proof if you like. Costs vary depending on the stamp sheet, please email us for a quote. 


Can I change the margins, perforation positions, or add additional perforation lines? 

Yes, custom perforation is possible. Please share your specific idea via email directly with our perforation team. Margins need to be a minimum of a quarter inch from the edge of the sheet, preferably more.


Can you “stop” a perforation line partially across the sheet? 

Yes. This is called a “stop perf” and requires a $25 set-up fee. Multiple stop perfs can be done on a single sheet. 


Are there requirements for a stop perf position? 

We have a variety of tooling options and can stop a perforation line most anywhere on a sheet. Drop us an email to discuss further.


What is the size of your perforation using a perf gauge?

Our machine produces a perforation that measures 12.


I have an image I would like to use. I need typesetting. Can you help with file set up? 

Yes. If you have the rights to reproduce the image, we can certainly help. We charge $75/hour. Most designs can be set up in less than an hour. 


I have an idea and I need design help. Can you design a custom stamp for me? 

Yes. We are experienced graphic designers and can work from concept to completion. Our company was founded by Niko and Josh, the two principals of Plazm design


What file formats can you accept?

We can accept PDF, JPG, TIFF, Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign files. All typefaces must be converted to vector points before sending your production file to us.


What is the optimal file size for images?

Minimum image resolution for quality printing is 300 dpi at 100% of reproduction size.


Can I have multiple stamp designs on one sheet?

Yes. Technically you can have as many different designs on a stamp sheet as there are stamps. If you are designing with multiple designs on a single sheet, please be sure to read the safety and print guidelines in our templates.


Will you produce any art I provide? 

You should obtain any legal rights necessary to print, distribute, and reproduce the art you provide to us. By submitting art to us for production, you are acknowledging that you have obtained such rights or the art is in the public domain. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


What are the packaging options for my order?

We can either bulk pack or individually package your order.


What’s the difference between “bulk pack” and “individually packaged”? 

Bulk pack means that we will package all your sheets together in one block. Individually packaged means that each individual sheet will be packaged. Our standard method of individual packaging is to place the stamp sheet along with a chipboard backer inside a clear eco-friendly PLA (vegetable based cellulose) bag.


Can the chipboard be customized? 

Yes, we can print on the chipboard or leave it blank. Please email us for details and pricing. Our standard packaging comes with The Portland Stamp Company printed letterpress on one side, blank on the side backing the stamps.


I am interested in a classic glassine envelope for my stamps, is that available? 

Yes, depending on the size and quantity. Generally speaking, the cost will be higher and turnaround time will increase. Please email us for details and pricing.




Can I order samples so I can see different types of printing on your stamp paper?

Certainly, a sample pack can be ordered for $20 domestic shipping included. Simply email us to request this, let us know your address as well as any specifics that you are interested in.


I don’t need a sample pack, but can you tell me about the benefits and limitations of each printing technique? 

Sure. These are detailed below and someone on our team can advise you on the best route after seeing the artwork. Some printing techniques can even be used in combination, for example a digital base with a one color letterpress on top. 


High quality digital
Full range color, economical. If you have a color photograph, for example, this is likely the best choice. A clear spot varnish can be added to digital printing for an additional charge. 


A sophisticated, elegant print, with a tactile feel. Great for typography and high contrast, graphic images. Printing plates are made, the press is inked, and each sheet is individually printed by hand by our friends at Letterpress PDX. We typically use letterpress for one and two color printing, more colors are possible, but the degree of difficulty and cost increases. 


Riso printing generates a dramatic, vibrant color. The ink sits on top of the paper and dries mainly through absorption. Colors are limited to a specific set of Pantone inks. We work with a number of riso printers, you can check colors available with our friends at Risolve. We recommend limiting your design to four colors. Note that riso ink can smudge easily. One way to minimize smudging is to use spray fixative. We don’t offer spray fixative service, but we recommend Grumbacher Final Fixative in matte finish.




Do you have paper specifications? 

Yes. Please see details below:
Weight = 60# (89 GSM)
Opacity = 88
Brightness = 92
Smoothness = 140
Tensile (MD/CD) = 17/10
Tear (MD/CD) = 80/85
Caliper = 5.0 mils.


Is your paper archival? 

Yes, the paper is archival, however the dry gum adhesive on the back is acidic.


Is your paper recyclable? 

The paper we print on is 100% recyclable.


What kind of adhesive backing is on your paper?

Our paper is backed with cellulose-based, moisture activated dry-gum adhesive.


Are your stamps gluten free?

This is not a frequently asked question — but it has been asked! So we asked the mill and added it to our FAQ. The main ingredient in the backing is dry gum adhesive, it is gluten-free.


Do you have different paper options? 

Not at the time, though we are exploring possibilities for offering a coated sheet. 


Can I buy blank dry gum paper from you without perforations? 

Certainly. The cost is .32¢ per sheet + shipping, a volume discounted price of .30¢ per sheet begins at 500 sheets. Please email us if you would like to place an order.




What happens to the holes when you perforate stamps?

They are first captured in the “Hole Bowl” under our perforator. Once we accumulate a few pounds, we donate our perforation holes to SoundSTART where they are used in sensory bins for toddler and preschool students.


Is there a place to write reviews of The Portland Stamp Company? 

Aww, shucks, it’s so nice of you to ask! You can add a review here if you like what we do, we’d truly appreciate it. We hear that helps us in search results, but how that works is a mystery to us. Apparently you can also write negative things. If something is bothering you, we’d prefer if you email us so we can correct any errors. We aim to please!