The Portland Stamp Company The Portland Stamp Company


Are your stamps legal postage? 

No. All stamps from The Portland Stamp Company are decorative, and have no postal value. 


Can you provide a physical proof before I run my job? 

Yes. Proofs are available on job stock for digital and riso printing at the cost of $20 + shipping. 


Can I change the perforation positions or add additional perforation lines? 

Yes, custom perforation is possible. Please share your specific idea via email directly with our perforation team. 


Can you “stop” a perforation line partially across the sheet? 

Yes, this is called a “stop perf” and requires a $25 set-up fee. 


I ordered from you in the past, can you reprint my file? 

Yes. We archive digital files for all printed jobs. 


Do you have different paper options? 

Currently we offer one uncoated 60# white sheet of dry gum lick and stick stock. We are exploring possibilities for expanding. 


I have an image I would like to use. I need typesetting. Can you help with file set up? 

Yes. If you have the rights to reproduce the image, we can certainly help. We charge $75/hour. Most designs can be set up in less than an hour. 


I have an idea and I need design help. Can you design a custom stamp for me? 

Yes. We are trained graphic designers and can work from concept to completion. Our company was founded by Niko and Josh, the two principals of Plazm design


I don’t know which printing technique to use, can you tell me about the benefits and limitations of each? 

Sure. These are detailed below. There are benefits to each and someone on our team can advise you on the best route after seeing the artwork, feel free to email if you have questions. Some can even be used in combination, for example a digital base with a letterpress impression. 


High quality digital
Full range color, economical. If you have a full color photograph, for example, this is likely the best choice. A clear spot varnish can be added to digital printing for an additional charge. 


A sophisticated, elegant print, with a tactile feel. Great for typography and high contrast, graphic images. Printing plates are made, the press is inked, and each sheet is individually printed by hand by our friends at Letterpress PDX. We typically use letterpress for one and two color printing, more colors are possible, but the degree of difficulty and cost increases. 


A deep, richly saturated print. A screen is made and ink is pulled through it. Like letterpress, each ink color goes down in a single pass. We use silkscreen for one and two color printing, more inks are possible, but the degree of difficulty and cost increases. 


Riso printing generates a dramatic, vibrant color.The ink sits on top of the paper and dries mainly through absorption. Note that riso ink can smudge easily. One way to minimize smudging is to use spray fixative. We don’t offer spray fixative service as we don’t have a proper spray booth set up, but we recommend Grumbacher Final Fixative in matte finish. Colors are limited to a specific set of Pantone inks. We work with a number of riso printers, you can check colors available with our friends at Risolve. We recommend limiting your design to four colors. 


How do I use your blank perforated sheets? 

Our blank sheets work in all printers that we have tried and can be drawn on directly. Be sure you have the gummed-side down! Download the appropriate template from our website. The download will come in three formats, AI / EPS / PDF. Typically, folks will use the templates within other applications. for example, if you are working in Photoshop, you can add the template as a guide layer within your Photoshop file and turn it off when you print. The templates are 8.5 x 11” — your file should also be set up to that size. When you print, be sure you are printing at 100% of size. 


What types of printers can I use for your blank perforated sheets? 

Our blank sheets are compatible with a variety of printing techniques or can be drawn on directly. Laser printers, ink jet printers, risograph, letterpress, silkscreen, typewriters, & rubber stamps all are compatible.


I’m printing on your blank perforated sheets, is there an ICC profile? 

No, our dry gum lick and stick paper does not have an ICC profile. Please set your printer to match what you would use for standard uncoated laser paper.


Do you have additional paper specifications? 

Yes. Please see details below:
Weight = 60#
Opacity = 88
Brightness = 92
Smoothness = 140
Tensile (MD/CD) = 17/10
Tear (MD/CD) = 80/85
Caliper = 5.0 mils.