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Stamp No. 017Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe is a graphic artist and recovering brand fetishist from Seattle, Washington.


Have you designed a stamp before?

No, I have not.


What was the most interesting or fun aspect of designing a poster stamp? What unique challenges did it present?

The perforation, and the theoretical possibility that a person might tear the piece into its individual sections, was a passing consideration. Fun to consider (the imagined tearing apart) but without actual cause for concern this was more of a “what if” mental exercise, in honor of stampness. I also wanted to include a fictitious value, add some official typographic clutter in the stamp corners, like real postage stamps. But adding the words “USA FOREVER” in the corner of each stamp felt unduly (or exceedingly?) ominous under the circumstances. Partisan, even. So I abandoned this idea in favor of a tolerable, transpartisan, unaffiliated stamp design.


Tell us about the art. Did you create something new for this stamp?

The art is a new image of an old subject matter. The seldom-seen Remover Installer™, discovered smashed to pieces and lost in space, and time. Probably as it should be. But hopefully still as evocative and ponderous as ever.


The Artist Series

An ongoing collaboration with invited designers, artists, and writers who create original work for an unusual form: the poster stamp. The stamps are printed on lickable, gummed paper and pinhole perforated by hand on our vintage machines. The sheets are signed and numbered by the artist, and released in editions of 100. Suitable for framing. View full series.

Upcoming releases include Ka’ila Farrell Smith, Bwana Spoons, and Lesley Barnes.