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Stamp No. 019Ryan Bubnis

Ryan Bubnis is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and educator based in Portland, Oregon. His deceptively simple work explores themes of memory, nostalgia, good vibes, and the human condition. 


Have you designed a stamp before?

I’ve never designed a stamp before but it’s been on my bucket list!


What was the most interesting or fun aspect of designing a poster stamp? What unique challenges did it present?

There was some problem-solving involved with creating an image that would work as a whole but could also work when deconstructed and broken into the individual stamp pieces. Creating a hand-drawn image that would later end up as a letterpress print created another set of challenges. I ended up having to redraw the image at a much higher resolution.


Tell us about the art. Did you create something new for this stamp?

Yes, I really wanted to create a new image. Physical objects and printed materials really resonate with me. I wanted to celebrate the concepts of snail mail, introspection, and mindfulness. I also recently had the opportunity to view the amazing Hilma af Klint exhibition at the Guggenheim. It was so inspiring that I included a subtle nod to her work in the stamp image.


Anything else? 

Thanks for collaborating with me!


The Artist Series

An ongoing collaboration with invited designers, artists, and writers who create original work for an unusual form: the poster stamp. The stamps are printed on lickable, gummed paper and pinhole perforated by hand on our vintage machines. The sheets are signed and numbered by the artist, and released in editions of 100. Suitable for framing. View full series.

Upcoming releases include Christine Miller, Art Chantry, and Ka’ila Farrell Smith.