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Stamp No. 027Jesse LeDoux

Born in Portland, Oregon, Jesse LeDoux worked for many years as an art director for Seattle-based Sub Pop Records where he created iconic album and poster artwork for such artists as the Shins, Iron and Wine, and Death Cab for Cutie. In 2004 he left to focus on his client-based and personal work at LeDouxville. His designs are in the permanent collection of the Experience Music Project and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He lives and works in Seattle, Washington.


Have you designed a stamp before?

Yes. I’ve done rubber stamps. This one had far less rubber.


What was the most interesting or fun aspect of designing a poster stamp? What unique challenges did it present?

I like to find ways to collaborate with the viewer. The perforations of the stamps make it easy for somebody to tear the page apart and rearrange the elements to create their own narrative that is meaningful to them.


Tell us about the art. Did you create something new for this stamp?

My summer was pretty chaotic—a humongous house remodel, several work trips, a wonderful camping trip, and a late night to the ER to get a face stitched up. That’s what all of these stamps mean to me. But my hope is that you can tear them apart and make your own stories.


Anything else? 

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this and your patience as I found a hole in my to-do list. 


The Artist Series

An ongoing collaboration with invited designers, artists, and writers who create original work for an unusual form: the poster stamp. The stamps are printed on lickable, gummed paper and pinhole perforated by hand on our vintage machines. The sheets are signed and numbered by the artist, and released in editions of 100. Suitable for framing. View full series.

Upcoming releases include Bwana Spoons, Ka’ila Farrell Smith, and Art Chantry